Living with Divine Awareness: Sacred Practices to Awaken the Senses

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Your senses are conduits to the Divine and keys to a portal leading to a more vibrant, vital, colorful, and creative life.  What would it feel like to begin and complete each day fully connected to your body, mind, and spirit?  Imagine the possibilities. Perhaps there is a project or vision you’ve been longing to birth or maybe you wish you felt more energized, engaged, and inspired.

To live an animated and passionate life is to live fully into the purpose for which you were created.  Your senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing, vision, and intuition are valuable faculties capable of providing guidance, inspiration, and sacred awareness in any given situation or circumstance.  When all your senses are exercised and communicating with one another your passion for living is heightened and you enter into a realm of enriched potential, shimmering with creative possibility.

This one-week (7 day) e-course created to provide you with a series of imaginative ways to reawaken and activate each of your senses to:

  • Stimulate your creativity
  • Elevate your engagement with the world around you
  • Sharpen your ability to be fully present to your interactions and relationships
  • Provide a deepening aesthetic appreciation for daily living

How the e-course works…

This is an on-demand online 7-day class. Once you subscribe to the course, each day for the next 7-days, you will automatically receive a daily e-mail focused on one of the senses with a choice of suggested practices for that day. The first six days will focus on the six senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing, vision, and intuition.  The seventh day’s lesson will synthesize the week’s material.

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Course Materials

Each day for seven days you’ll receive an e-mail containing an image, a synopsis of the day’s focus, a sacred practice for the day, and reflection questions to contemplate or use as journal prompts.  Please think of this weeklong e-course as a mini daily retreat. May you find the time in your day to explore what is offered.  Blessings!

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Discussion and Questions

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Be sure and contact me at any time with questions. Blessings!