Your Sacred Life-Artisan’s Book of Wonderment

Crafting Your Personal Book of Inspiration, Guidance, and Prayer

A Six-Week Online Independent Course of Study

Facilitated by Dana Reynolds

Here’s what Denise Kennemer from Oklahoma shares about her Book of Wonderment experience….

The “Book of Wonderment” is an amazing experience.  The inspiration Dana provided in this course allowed me to explore, in new and extremely creative ways, the many different aspects of my life. Creating these pages is an on-going experience that brings depth and new meaning to my life while also allowing me to unleash the creativity that I didn’t realize was buried within me.  Best of all, I continue to add to my Book of Wonderment long after the online course ended. I sincerely recommend this course to anyone who is looking for new inspiration and direction, or who would simply like to discover their own creative spirit.

 Tricia Kibbe from Massachusetts

An opportunity to work with Dana Reynolds is an opportunity NOT to be missed!  Dana is one of the most instinctively creative people I have had the privilege to know.  Her teaching is done in an open-minded, caring, and deeply personal way that fills her students with excitement and confidence.  I have, and will, take her courses every chance I get!

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“Craft your tools for your authentic life
as you archive inspiration and enrich
your sacred imagination.”

—The Sacred Life-Artisan’s
Fifth Facet of Illumination

Crafting the Sacred Life-Artisan’s Book of Wonderment is a transformative spiritual and creative process. Using the Sacred Life-Arts’ seven facets of illumination as steppingstones, you will archive material from your life reflecting your unique artisan passions. Your book will be unique to YOU, because the forms of inspiration, guidance, and prayer that reflect your mind, heart, and spirit will be archived to fill the pages.

Your Sacred Life-Artisan’s Book of Wonderment is a scrapbook, a reflective journal, and catalogue of inspiration. The process of creating your Sacred Life-Artisan’s Book of Wonderment will open portals for transformation and spiritual/creative enrichment.

Your special Book of Wonderment will be crafted using a variety of visual and written techniques. What books, poetry, quotations, films, spiritual insight, personal life experiences, friends, family, nature experiences, colors, textures, music, etc., etc. have formed and informed your life? Think about what is sacred to you.


Contemplate your personal collection of old letters, photographs, and souvenirs from your experiences and travels as sacred material waiting to be recollected, archived, and savored. Excavating your unique brand of wisdom to uncover and discover the metaphors and symbols within your life’s stories is the archaeology of the soul. Become the archaeologist of your life and sacred wisdom.

Beginning with a blank book of your choosing, you will craft your Book of Wonderment. Ritual and intention will bless and enrich your particular sensual awareness, intellectual understanding, and creative aesthetic.

With focused intention, the inspiration and wisdom you will gather is acknowledged as sacred by nature of your recognition of its potency and meaning for your life.  The process of cultivating, gathering, sorting, selecting, and arranging your mosaic of life’s pieces into your Book of Wonderment offers a contemplative, reflective, and creative journey.


You will learn everything you need to know how to create your first volume of Sacred Life-Artisan’s Book of Wonderment in this class.  There’s no way you make a mistake. The tools, tutorials, podcasts and exercises for this class are intended as guidelines.  The process of crafting your book when blessed with your prayers, sacred intention, and creativity will be guided by the Spirit and your sacred imagination.

What you learn from this class will become a satisfying and creative spiritual practice for years to come as you create your library of volumes as the archivest of your Sacred Life-Artisan Wisdom.


This class is intended for independent study so you may access the materials at any time according to the needs of your personal schedule.

Immediately upon registration you will be sent e-mail information of how to receive the weekly inspirational e-mails throughout the six weeks. You will also receive a link for access to a protected webpage where you will find the 6 PDF weekly exercises and tutorials.

This private webpage is only for registrants of this class.  Links for MP3 podcasts offering supportive material and meditations and video clips are also included.

If you desire, you may post your photos and make comments about your Book of Wonderment experience on the Sacred Life-Arts Facebook Page.  This is optional.

Necessary Materials:

Certain simple materials are required for this course including:

  • A blank journal or sketchbook of your choosing
  • Glue stick
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Scissors

A list of additional optional materials will be provided after registration.

You will receive the following class offerings:

  • Six Weekly tutorials with exercises to guide you through the process of crafting your Sacred Life-Artisan’s Book of Wonderment
  • 6 Podcast meditations and supportive material for your creative process

Tutorial Topics Include:

Week One           Introduction and a Circle of Stones
Week Two           Gathering Inspiration
Week Three        Visual Prayer
Week Four          Self Portrait
Week Five           Mandala of Memory
Week Six             Prayers, Dreams, and Sacred Scribing

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Cost and How to Pay:

Course Fee: $35.00
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Your Facilitator, Dana Reynolds,


Dana is the founder of Sacred Life-Arts, a Writer, Artist and Spiritual Director. She has been facilitating the feminine spiritual/creative process for twenty-five years.  Visit the About page to read more about Dana and how Sacred Life-Arts began.